A Need 2 And a BE


An artist doesn’t need “I NEED 2”.  2 instead of to.  What do I mean? We are surrounded by Social media, self promotion, Instagram How to’s How to make your art, etc.. etc..  A “I NEED 2” instantly puts you in second place. (People say “I need to all the time!) I need  2 blog, post (OK, I’m doing that right now),  brand, make money from art.  A “NEED 2” is a tiny creature that lurks behind the earlobe. A “NEED 2” separates you into 2 fragmented parts. I “need 2”  be in a great gallery,  pay the bills, get the car fixed, talk to that weird brother or sister ( just kidding), create a newsletter, make a video… Are you tired yet?  And hey,  I often hear, “I “NEED 2” make art next week… WHAT!  What about now!    A NEED 2  seems to go on forever because everyone wants that A, that rating.   And think about it.  When someone has A NEED 2 , they obviously haven’t  done it yet or they are trudging along, head bent, growling under their breath, getting  frustrated and resentful while they complete that NEED 2 thing.  And then what was it for?  So, get a coffee with a strange friend and think about this.


Yes,  in this world of tech we are on fast foreword, texting and googling to get from one place to another. Everything must be new because tomorrow it is old and will be erased if the statistics aren’t favorable enough.  And everyone is getting older (at least I am) by the minute,  and wow, not much time left so we better get going!  OUCH, that’s not fun.

How about if we change that  “NEED 2” to “Be”. Doesn’t that feel good! Oh my gosh, the two fragmented parts are coming together!!   Now that we are talking about feeling good, let me tell you about Saturday night.   I had an incredibly fun art opening on Saturday, for my retrospective at The Museum Of The San Fernando Valley.  There were a lot of people in attendance but that wasn’t why it was incredible.  The reason it was special is that every person that came was present.  They knew how to “BE there.  All my amazingly  creative friends took the time to BE there for me.   For many, it was a drive. Most of them, me included,  show in Downtown LA and Santa Monica and even in Orange County.  Usually I am taking various metros into LA and sometimes buses to get to shows of my friends or to mine.  It’s also fun when friends buddy up with me and we go together and eat cookies.  Yep, so hang in there.  I’m rambling.  Back to Saturday… It was  A “Beeee-autiful  evening.  One of the many bright art stars (they are all art stars and writing stars and even singing stars) surprised me by coming because I know her busy schedule.  I thanked her for BEING THERE and she responded, “I wanted to “BE THERE FOR YOU”.  Everyone had made the decision to Be THERE, make the drive, and  the bonus is that They enjoyed BEING there and I enjoyed BEING THERE with them.  We ate, drank, and talked about art.

Think about it.  When you say, “I NEED 2” you are putting yourself in second place. BE ONE with yourself and BE THERE for others.  Hang out and listen to all the stories people tell. If they are sad, just listen. If they are mad, just listen but stand back.   If they are happy, just listen and BE THERE.  And if you want to make your art just “BE THERE  for you!  BE ONE with yourself and decide to Make Your Art, and help others succeed in their art journey so we can all BE THERE for each other. And enjoy the ride, the friendships, and the whole art community.  But don’t sweat the “NEED TO” stuff.   Do one thing at a time, make a list the night before and complete one task at a time.  Don’t look ahead or think about yesterday.  Part of living is doing our best, falling down a lot along the way and getting up.  The only failure in life is to not try at all.  You are truly successful if you keep getting out there, no matter what happens.  BE there in the studio everyday, make art, push yourself to be better because you want to.  The plus side is that you get to enjoy the incredible friends along the way.


So…….JUST DO IT!!!   I just did the blog but not from “A NEED 2” place.  It is “A Want to share with you”place. See things from a different point of view. You don’t “NEED TO” get it all done.   WORK HARD BECAUSE YOU WANT TO FEEL GOOD AND HELP MAKE YOUR TIME HERE THE BEST! BE PRESENT.  Work hard, love deeply, laugh, cry and make some art!! The people in your life are only here for awhile so treat them well. Do the best you can when you can and when  you can’t, BE ONE with that. Life isn’t a bowl of cherries.  It is a alot  of pits, with a little bit of sweet around each one. Enjoy the sweetness when it’s there.IMG_1925

If you want to talk more, come to the exhibit to see me.  The Museum Of The San Fernando Valley.  I will be there every Saturday from 1-5 thru the end of May, Unless I am in another show that I have to be at.  So call first and we can hang out and BE THERE TOGETHER.

Exhibits currently:

“Public Settings/Private Conversations  Where:  The Museum Of The San Fernando Valley, hours: Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 1-5PM.  18860 Nordhoff Street, Suite 204, Northridge, CA, 91324Exhibition runs from March 24 thru June 30, 2018

Bread And Salt: IN APRIL 2018 at Hebrew Union College:  More Information to come

Studio System ll: June1 thru June 30 Torrance Art Museum in Torrance

Post Gallery:  Bendix Bldging , DTLA: July 2018



Author: jodibonassi

I am a Los Angeles native. Really! Born in DTLA! My works lead the viewer into a dialogue about the connections and differences between people in contemporary times. The rich cultural diversity inspires me to look at the sometimes momentary but intense relationships experienced by people passing through or living in the urban environment. I am a metro queen, riding the rails and using my countless sketches and photographs for painterly portraits of people and creatures in an urban milieu.

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