Stars In The Sky


“Bird Head” , 24″x 18″,  Oil on canvas, 2016, Private Collection.  I created this image because I love my art friends, and their creating. We are all babies and mothers in a large nest, looking up at the stars.

There are stars in the sky. What do I mean?  Not sure but maybe if I write it all out, I will know. With the internet,   I am connected outwardly to more creatives than ever and long-lost relatives that pop up every now and then to say “Hi”.  It is wonderful.  What makes life interesting though is that there are always two sides to this virtual coin.  We are connected and can see everyone and everything, well, sort of.  The news, the government dealings, it is all an awful TV show for the masses and we never get the whole plot.  But here I go, rambling.  Lets get back to the stars.

I have noticed in postings that many artists use the term “Art Star”.  When one secures an exhibit, or a review they are congratulated.  One might say, “Congratulations, you are an art star!!” or “Well deserved!”  And yes, I have said it maybe in not the same words but we all wish the artist well in some way.

In this process of well wishing, sometimes the coin of reason gets thrown in the air.  It’s a sensitive business,  creating art and staying in the zone, needing to be seen in a branding universe,  attending shows, getting caught up in cat videos,  posting exhibits, struggles and successes for all to see.  Everything is going along great, even though we are barely keeping up.  Pretty soon the schedule and running around  weakens us. We get hurt by someone we trust, or we see a person hurt others through their own actions.  We wake up tired or sick,  the toast has burned and in my case, there is no peanut butter left.  The unpaid bills are still on the table and the other mini me of comparison rears its ugly head.

That wonderful art zone dissipates as we become a slave to the “art star” philosophy.  Our mini me says, “look at that art star, I can not rise up so therefore I do not exist.  If one attains something and they are a star, what does that make me?

If we let go of comparison,  and what others think about us, then we are free.   FREE to make our art, free of the opinions of others, FREE OF the desire to have what we think we don’t have.  WE are not looking up in the social media sky at the “art stars” we think we see.  We are making art and helping everyone to feel like a star.  We can walk in the rain and laugh at our own nonsense. Doesn’t that feel good?  OK,  so go with it!  Stop reading for a minute.  Close your eyes and let go of mini me.  Pretend you are lying on a blanket,  Breath.  Tense your body, relax it.  When you are ready, thank your mini me for the gift and then let it go.  Imagine that part of yourself leaving. The self-absorption of Narcissus is gone.

The man-made stars on earth is man’s pitiful way to manipulate and put us in a category.   There are no stars on the earth.  We are solid, rooted and entangled in each other’s branches for better or for worst, and sometimes worst if it hasn’t rained in a while.  So we must be gentle with ourselves and  each other, and make sure that each of us receives the right amount of pruning and rain to get to the next season.

Your worth is not the exhibit, the article, or the residency.  But these accomplishments  are important because you have taken the time to apply and throw your hat in the ring. Sound confusing?  What I mean is that  the process of doing,  and striving for the next goal is your true worth and  makes you the star!  There will always be a lot of no’s and a feeling and not knowing how to navigate.  Attached to a lot of no’s is a yes every now and then.  You are a star because you try.  Whether you get it is not important and the only failure is to not try.  You took time to get up early, work on your art, exercise, and  look for opportunities. You are a true star on the earth when you strive to do your best  and an even bigger star if you don’t kick anyone else along the way.

Your  Star worth : Keeping your word, being kind, connecting with others, supporting others, living life, loving your fury pets, giving hugs to those you love that need hugs, creating art with your whole being, allowing yourself to love and rooting for others when ever possible.  The process of doing and living life full  makes you a star.


Let go of the star of comparison.  Be the star of reason,  hard work, and persistence.  Leave  a positive map for others to follow.



Author: jodibonassi

I am a Los Angeles native. Really! Born in DTLA! My works lead the viewer into a dialogue about the connections and differences between people in contemporary times. The rich cultural diversity inspires me to look at the sometimes momentary but intense relationships experienced by people passing through or living in the urban environment. I am a metro queen, riding the rails and using my countless sketches and photographs for painterly portraits of people and creatures in an urban milieu.

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