Art Process

This is the latest painting I have been working on.

The man on your left is a wonderful artist and friend, Leonard Greco Jr. and his husband on the right, David.  I really adore them and was inspired to paint the love they feel for each other.  My work is organic in that it is based on my life experiences.


IMG_7693This is about my work and art process. The process is an ongoing experience revealed in mixed media drawings and paintings, revealing the stories I witness or imagine.

I never rush a painting or anything for that matter. I do one task until it is done, and persevere through and past the point of discomfort.  It is easy to sit back and be distracted. And yes, I do love my superhero movies!supergirls_just_want_to_have_fun

Art Process is like childbirth, you hold it within yourself and nurture that life inside you until it is ready.  You commit to that process, cleaning and creating a room for the new baby, eating healthy, and preparing. At times, there are challenges, either physical or psychological but the discomfort doesn’t stop you.  The discomfort you feel is that commitment you’ve made with yourself, to create something bigger, and not just your tummy.  In art, there is a commitment to create, and that desire must be so strong that it outweighs reason.  It is not about sales or about exhibits although it is great to be recognized for your creative output and have some money to pay the bills. The desire to create accompanied by the commitment to the process every day can take you to a place you never imagined. IMG_E8525If you are busy making art,  you won’t compare, worry about selling, compete or care about what anyone thinks.  You will be able to enjoy other people’s successes while finding your place in this art tribe universe. Work on your skills everyday. Even an hour or two a day can make a difference. I love 10, 15 or 20 hour sessions, as something magical happens when you are enveloped in the process,  But I know that we can’t always have the long sessions. So, just make sure to get to your art everyday.  It is not about talent alone.   There are a lot of talented people that spend their time telling you why they can’t do it.  They don’t have time, or the resources, or their third cousin just died.  They are living in a mansion and can’t do their art right now because they are planning a trip to Paris or they need a bigger studio.  Gee, I wish I had that dilemma, lol!  What ever the excuse is, let it go and open yourself up to a commitment to be purposeful in your life for yourself and others. Persevere, structure that time for yourself and hang out with others who are doing the same.




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