Torrance Art Museum’s residency project immerses visitors into the creative process – Daily Breeze

Torrance Art Museum’s residency project immerses visitors into the creative process – Daily Breeze
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Zombie Circus

An Artist never knows what’s going to happen next. So if you paint a picture it’s sure to be hanging somewhere!!

Love the gallery and thrilled that my large red piece “Hive” is in this exhibit!

Do By Not Doing The Mind Game

Art Residency Torrance Art Museum June 1-30

An artist life fluctuates in a lot of different directions. My philosophy: Make Art every day that matters to YOU. Yes we are all balancing extra jobs and commissions but even if it’s an hour, go do it!! Over the years I have taught art, sold shoes, cleaned houses and actually done art commissions with my young son along. Sometimes I would go from one job to another- that’s just the way it was. During that time my first priority was to be a mother to my son and I enjoyed all the moments and learned a heck of a lot from the pain of raising another human being. The joy of being able to love someone with all your heart blows me away. Being a mother is also constantly being a student of life. There was no time to get into the mind game of whether or not my art was any good because I was busy learning how to love. The struggles of raising someone taught me a lot. That it’s not about me. And that it doesn’t matter what others think of me or my art. Each one of us is a part of all of us. We are intertwining branches for better or When I “do ” to get something, when I “do ” to matter to someone, when I want something to work really bad, it just does not work. You really can’t force it so “do it by not doing it”. Do the art and don’t do the game of “want”.

“ Patty Cuppycakes” Private Collection

Let go of that greener grass because their greener grass is never going to be your lawn. If you were craving with someone else’s lawn looks like you will dry out your on the lawn in the process I love nothing but weeds. Plant and water your own seeds and don’t look or steal your neighbor’s seeds. By ” not doing the action of beating yourself up, or wishing for other people’s successes to be yours, you become valuable to everyone. By not doing the self-inflicted mind game, by letting go of what other people think, you are free to create. You can’t be manipulated by anyone because the illusion of what you think you want will be gone. It has nothing to do with attending art shows if that’s what you’re thinking. The art shows when you can , (I discovered late), are part of being in our community. In the the last four years of being more social, I’ve made incredible friendships, I’ve had positive growth-filled struggles, and I’ve learned to be a little stronger than I have in the last 25 years of exhibiting my art in exhibitions. I am grateful to even be a part of this wonderful wacky and creative group. When I say ” do by not doing” let me explain. Make your marks quietly. Don’t take part in drama and work at your craft consistently. The drama of “doing what you think you should do to get ahead is drama that you cannot afford to have. Be kind to everyone at art shows and embrace their successes but please be kind to yourself and don’t get involved in your own mind game. The opinions of that gallery owner or that curator or that other artists are just an opinion, not fact. Doesn’t really matter what anybody thinks about your art or about you. Do your art! Quietly with loud music or a book on tape. Don’t let social media or Facebook consume you. Remember, “Do by not doing anything but your art”. Don’t do Facebook or social media when you are creating, unless it is to show video in your art process or is actually a part of your art medium. Then, get off line and get back to work! Of course there will always be a hierarchy and that sense of fruitlessness in a land of plenty. Do you work some of the fruit will be sweet and you won’t starve because you have chosen to plant your own tree and allow everyone to be a part of it. Let go of any expectations and just do your work and be grateful for any opportunities that enhance your journey. No one person is above or below anyone else. Keep the energy flowing to everyone. There is a brass ring here and there for each of us. Do your work and the brass ring will stay in your hand a while and then you can pass it onto the next artist. Be determined, persistent, disciplined in your craft and don’t compare yourself to anyone else and don’t give a darn about what anyone thinks. Something will happen. And I guarantee you that if you do nothing but drama and stay online you should be doing your work, nothing will happen. “Do by not doing”.

Art Update

Bread & Salt SM Graphic - HUCI think it’s important to show older work.  Recently I was contacted by HUC-JIR, the Hebrew Jewish University for their BREAD & SALT Exhibit.  These are taking place all across the city and is a year-long celebration.  They went on my website.  In an effort to explore my Jewish heritage, I joined JAI, Jewish Art Initiative, a wonderful organization founded by Ruth Weisberg.  The curator for HUC  took the time to go to my website which I so appreciated.   I grew up in the Fairfax District, home to Canter’s and yes, I am connected to Jewish food and all food oriented events  in a big way.  They saw some older works from 2010 of which food was a focus.

I am honored to be in this exhibit! So please join us on April 25th, from 7:00 to 9:00 P.M., Jewish Wisdom and Wellness Learning together with Hebrew Union College- Jewish Institute of Religion and the Kalsn Judism and Health, warmly invite you to the opening of BREAD & SALT, an exhibit that is a year-long city-wide festival exploring Jews and Food. At 7:00 P.M, there is a light reception  with a talk by HUC-JIR  Curator Anne Hromadka at 7:30P.M.

WHERE: 3077 University Avenue, LA CA 90007, and at the USC Campus.

WHEN:   Wednesday, April 25th,7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.

More Art Happenings:


Current Exhibition: “PUBLIC SETTINGS… private conversations My solo 20 year retrospective, highlighting the people and places of the valley.  Exhibition runs from March 24 through June 30th, 2018.  18860 Nordhoff Street., Suite 204, Northridge CA 91324-3885 at The Museum of The San Fernando Valley.  For additional information contact: Jackie Langa at Hours from the 23rd due to renovation is Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 1-5 P.M.

If you can’t make it to the retrospective view an art film created by Eric Minh Swenson on his U Tube Channel.  Eric Minh Swenson covers the international art scene and his writings and photo essays can be seen at

IMG_1070Upcoming for June: Torrance Art Museum:   These partially begun panels will continue their process and growth  at  Studio System ll.  This  is a group residency with a mix of National, Regional and International artists.   Come make some marks!  Pick a panel of mine  that you want to be a part of.  I will draw your face into it while we hang out. or show you how to use my materials right on the panel.     12 artists come together for 30 days to exchange ideas, make their art and interact with visitors.  Artists will be there 4 days a week.   Artist and Head Curator:  The amazing Max Presneill

Runs June 1st – June 30 Where: 3320 Civic Center Drive, Torrance CA 90503

Hours are Tuesdays thru Saturdays from 11-5 P.M., closed Sunday and Monday.  Call (310) 618-6388 for more information.

Upcoming for July: One night Pop-Up Exhibit at the Bendix Building at POST Gallery, DTLA in the Fashion District for “Deja-vu Realism” for the next round of Kamikazes.




Stars In The Sky


“Bird Head” , 24″x 18″,  Oil on canvas, 2016, Private Collection.  I created this image because I love my art friends, and their creating. We are all babies and mothers in a large nest, looking up at the stars.

There are stars in the sky. What do I mean?  Not sure but maybe if I write it all out, I will know. With the internet,   I am connected outwardly to more creatives than ever and long-lost relatives that pop up every now and then to say “Hi”.  It is wonderful.  What makes life interesting though is that there are always two sides to this virtual coin.  We are connected and can see everyone and everything, well, sort of.  The news, the government dealings, it is all an awful TV show for the masses and we never get the whole plot.  But here I go, rambling.  Lets get back to the stars.

I have noticed in postings that many artists use the term “Art Star”.  When one secures an exhibit, or a review they are congratulated.  One might say, “Congratulations, you are an art star!!” or “Well deserved!”  And yes, I have said it maybe in not the same words but we all wish the artist well in some way.

In this process of well wishing, sometimes the coin of reason gets thrown in the air.  It’s a sensitive business,  creating art and staying in the zone, needing to be seen in a branding universe,  attending shows, getting caught up in cat videos,  posting exhibits, struggles and successes for all to see.  Everything is going along great, even though we are barely keeping up.  Pretty soon the schedule and running around  weakens us. We get hurt by someone we trust, or we see a person hurt others through their own actions.  We wake up tired or sick,  the toast has burned and in my case, there is no peanut butter left.  The unpaid bills are still on the table and the other mini me of comparison rears its ugly head.

That wonderful art zone dissipates as we become a slave to the “art star” philosophy.  Our mini me says, “look at that art star, I can not rise up so therefore I do not exist.  If one attains something and they are a star, what does that make me?

If we let go of comparison,  and what others think about us, then we are free.   FREE to make our art, free of the opinions of others, FREE OF the desire to have what we think we don’t have.  WE are not looking up in the social media sky at the “art stars” we think we see.  We are making art and helping everyone to feel like a star.  We can walk in the rain and laugh at our own nonsense. Doesn’t that feel good?  OK,  so go with it!  Stop reading for a minute.  Close your eyes and let go of mini me.  Pretend you are lying on a blanket,  Breath.  Tense your body, relax it.  When you are ready, thank your mini me for the gift and then let it go.  Imagine that part of yourself leaving. The self-absorption of Narcissus is gone.

The man-made stars on earth is man’s pitiful way to manipulate and put us in a category.   There are no stars on the earth.  We are solid, rooted and entangled in each other’s branches for better or for worst, and sometimes worst if it hasn’t rained in a while.  So we must be gentle with ourselves and  each other, and make sure that each of us receives the right amount of pruning and rain to get to the next season.

Your worth is not the exhibit, the article, or the residency.  But these accomplishments  are important because you have taken the time to apply and throw your hat in the ring. Sound confusing?  What I mean is that  the process of doing,  and striving for the next goal is your true worth and  makes you the star!  There will always be a lot of no’s and a feeling and not knowing how to navigate.  Attached to a lot of no’s is a yes every now and then.  You are a star because you try.  Whether you get it is not important and the only failure is to not try.  You took time to get up early, work on your art, exercise, and  look for opportunities. You are a true star on the earth when you strive to do your best  and an even bigger star if you don’t kick anyone else along the way.

Your  Star worth : Keeping your word, being kind, connecting with others, supporting others, living life, loving your fury pets, giving hugs to those you love that need hugs, creating art with your whole being, allowing yourself to love and rooting for others when ever possible.  The process of doing and living life full  makes you a star.


Let go of the star of comparison.  Be the star of reason,  hard work, and persistence.  Leave  a positive map for others to follow.