Remember Me

I just saw the movie “Coco”.  Before I pay an overdue bill, or paint, I steal away to the movies.  I have a movie pass now which makes the movies that much more accessible to this LA born artist. But I don’t just go to the movies.  I pick a movie I really want to see and I wait out it’s popularity and go the theatre when it is practically empty.  I go during a weekday morning.  I prepare.  I make myself an egg sandwich or a peanut butter and honey on wheat.  I bake cookies.  I walk my dog, Pickles and explain to him that “This is something I have to do” and “I’ll take you to the doggy park later.” I take plenty of water.

Today I was blown away.  The special affects weren’t just there to cover a weak story, they were beautifully created into a story that was deep and heartfelt, funny and bittersweet.  I cried like a baby at the end and wanted to go home and hang up pictures of all the family I had lost.  My grandparents died before I was born.  My mom died when I was just out of highschool and my dad died around 5 years after that.  Then there were two cousins, (we won’t go there) and others through the years and a special friend I called Doc.  Doc hits hardest during the holidays.  Not a boyfriend but for me, my family. Jodi_Bonassi_Time Cuts

“Time Cuts”, 24″ x 24″, Mixed media on canvas, 2011

Doc is the grey haired gentleman on your left in the Barbershop painting.

So, how does this connect to art?

When we make art, I think we each want to be remembered.  We want our art to create a dialogue of that moment in our life,  and to “hit home” in some magical way for the viewer.  We want it to be there after we are gone.  We want to be remembered.

You can’t force the art out of you.  But if you focus and shut out the distractions, and work on your skills everyday, the art is going to flow.  Do more than you think you can and stop blaming others for what you don’t want to take the time to do.

Some tell me how the cards are stacked against them.  They got screwed over by a gallery, the gallery owner took advantage of them, this curator won’t give them a break, there are no collectors and it goes on and on.  We all have our horror stories. It goes back to you.  How are you choosing to react to set backs  and what do the no’s really mean?   I believe that every no has a yes attached.  I don’t talk about all the proposals I submit.  I don’t worry about the no because once in a while someone says YES.  The only failure is not trying.  You are a success if you throw your hat in the ring, even if the hat is lost.  So, go buy another hat and throw it in again.  You have to be willing to do what others won’t do. Don’t waste time measuring your worthiness by how many likes you get on instagram.  Turn off the social media, de-clutter your mind and Go make your art.   It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about it and honestly, are they really thinking about your art? It’s a waste of time to ponder the question.  Create the impossible and go do your art. Just like  the movie Coco, you will be remembered.

So on that note, it’s time to turn off my cell phone and go make art.

Create a great day!!

Author: jodibonassi

I am a Los Angeles native. Really! Born in DTLA! My works lead the viewer into a dialogue about the connections and differences between people in contemporary times. The rich cultural diversity inspires me to look at the sometimes momentary but intense relationships experienced by people passing through or living in the urban environment. I am a metro queen, riding the rails and using my countless sketches and photographs for painterly portraits of people and creatures in an urban milieu.

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